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Germany the 4th Reich (I)

Arhiva > 2013 > Martie 2013

The hypothetical Romanian adherence to the Schengen space and... Germany

Germany’s desire to lead is not new. The collective memory of some people is lacking, including our M.E.P.s. Let’s remember: Germany "creates" the first World War. Among others, thanks to the Germans, the Tsarist empire disappears and in 1918 the Soviet Union is created. On the Valerian mountain, near Paris, in a train wagon, beaten and humiliated, the Germans sign the surrendering treaty, without imposing any conditions. The Germans are responsible for over 10.000.000 deaths during this war. The years go by. Few of them. In total contradiction with the above mentioned treaty that stated the Germans could not rebuild an army but within certain limits, taking advantage of other countries’ lack of reaction, the Germans plan and begin the second World War. 40.000.000 deaths here as well. And not only. The Third Reich, the one of NSPAD (German Workers National Socialist Party) has new connotations. They no longer respect the famous "ein mann ein worth", sign treaties and stab in the back Poland, The Soviet Union, the rest of Europe.

Things go even further and in the name of rasism, xenophobia, and desire to steal the goods accumulated during centuries by some of the Jewish or european gypsies, they starve, kill millions of civilians.

The 20 th century Germany is directly responsible for the death of over 50.000.000 people, and among them many civilians. Germany is defetead again, signs an other shameful treaty and surrenders at the end of the second World War.

Today, the fourth reich, the fourth German empire is created. Germany became, without weapons, through hard work and lots of money, the European master. Or... almost.

Today, we see a German Interior Minister, descendant of the persons responsible for the last century’s genocydes, stating that he rejects Romania’s adherence to the Schengen space. The German Interior Minister forgets how many Romanians have been killed by his grandparents. Shameful!

And I close by asking a retorical question to our M.E.Ps: "Are you really sleeping? Or do you like slavery?".

Lucian Cornescu

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